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How to Attract and Date Rich Women

How to attract hot rich women for dating a rich woman with online adult dating tips.

A lot of wealth dating articles seemed to be geared towards women. Although the women typically outnumber men in the dating world, most are not rich and guys still want their piece of the pie where wealth dating is concerned. They want to know how to get rich women as much as women want to know how to get rich men, but some guidance and a few tips would prove useful.

Don’t look at the lack of existing information as a problem. Realize the opportunity that you are about to get by reading this before a lot of others do. Arming yourself with knowledge ahead of the pack will give you a running start in your quest to find a wealthy mate. You’ll be able to jump into the game and win the heart of that rich woman you desire.

The biggest, most important secret to attracting a mate is one that is universal to both sexes. Via your verbal and body language, exude confidence. Think George Clooney. Think Hugh Jackman, or a young Clint Eastwood. Quietly self-assured, calm, using the eyes to communicate with a lady (without staring her down). There is nothing more appealing to women, and it will make you a babe magnet!

Do you have a good sense of humor? If not, cultivate one that does not include vulgar jokes. Add a sense of fun to your personality and conversation, but if it’s a rich woman you want, don’t overdo or you might appear goofy. Think Tom Hanks. Dignified, yet lightly humorous.

To help you stand out in the crowd, be uniquely yourself. Despite the comparisons to actors in the preceding paragraphs, don’t be an actor yourself. Cultivate the qualities that you feel you lack and incorporate them into your existing personality. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. If you do, you are not likely to be happy with anyone very long.

While being secretive is bad, a sense of mystery can be a very good thing. Don’t tell her everything about you right off the bat. Keep a consistent feed of information going and she’ll want to know more.

For example, keep the first date short so there is a limited time for information exchange. This has the added bonus of you not looking desperate. Remember, rich women get hit on every day. With each successive date, more personal conversation will reveal more.

You’ll both look forward to the next time you can get together and get to know each other even more. Your rich woman will be intrigued and impressed that you are taking the time to talk and listen to her.

Alright, the only one thing left to do now to beat the other guys to the punch. Get your rich woman before someone does!



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