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All of us have ways of communicating to women that we are both interested in and interesting to them. That is one reason flirting is so much fun. It is a way of playfully letting that girl you have your eye on know that you would be interested in a date and, if all goes well, a romance.

However, it's a big mistake to turn off the flirting once the date is underway. It really is a matter of how you see the date. Some see the date as "having arrived" and the flirting as the chase. Nevertheless, the truth is the date is really the chase because just because she has agreed to go out with you doesn't mean your quest to make her fall for you is over. In fact, it has only just begun.

There are many little ideas you can work into your dating skills that incorporate flirting with your partner and the outcome will be delightful. For both genders, look for every opportunity to brag on your partner. Guys, tell her how pretty she is but be specific. Notice her hair. She worked a long time on it. Notice her outfit. There were some anxious moments at home picking out just the right thing to please you. So be pleased.

You can plan flirting into every aspect of dating women. Look for activities that let her be very girly and for you to be very manly. Even something as innocent and sweet as miniature golf gives both of you the chance to laugh, bat eyelashes, strike a pose and generally communicate with all of those nonverbal signals that you are interested in this guy or gal and that you want to know that he or she is interested in you back.

A good dating combination is something fun then something romantic. So if the activity early in the date is miniature golf, going to the State Fair or horseback riding, look for a cozy place afterward where you can be intimate, gaze into each other’s eyes, and fall in love. Here is where you can really turn on the charm.

You don't have to be Mr. Smooth at dinner or when you settle into that dark corner of a local pub or coffee shop to talk quietly and snuggle. Sincerity is a lot more effective than being smooth and sophisticated.

If she senses that, you really do like her and that the date put you in a romantic mood, that feeling will often come back to you amplified many times over. Be sincere that you enjoyed the date and that you find her fun, attractive and romantic. That kind of flirtation can change a girl on the spot into a romantic devil who will use all of the romantic moves she has to get that hug or smooch to end the evening affectionately.

So don't leave the charm and flirting at home when you set out on that first date. In fact, don't leave it home on the second, the third or the one hundredth date! Flirting is fun and makes your woman feel sexy and wanted. So enjoy the process and the results!



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