Being the man that women want willmake you more attractive to women and improve your adult dating success.

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How to Be the Man that Women Want and
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Being the man that women want for improving adult dating success with women.

Today I was reading a book on changing your lifestyle, when I came to a sudden realization. Sometimes the best way to attract a woman is to work on YOURSELF first.

In other words, you have to learn…
How to become a MAN that women want!

The truth is a LOT of women are fed up with dating guys who act like little boys. If you can learn what is attractive to women, then you will improve your adult dating success by standing out from these low status men.


So why is it important to become a MAN that women want?

Well it's simple. By being a REAL man, you will exude a variety of positive characteristics that women want. And these core set of traits can help you become more naturally attractive to women.

The question is- What virtues should you develop? Well in my opinion, there are a number of strong character traits you should develop. Here are just a FEW of them:
• Honor
• Integrity
• Passion for life
• Goal orientation
• Confidence
• Humility
• Calmness under pressure
• Generosity to friends, family and even strangers
• Leadership
• Courage and conviction
• Decisiveness
• Humor

Now you might be overwhelmed by the number of traits that women want in a real man that I have described. It definitely sounds like a lot to work on. But if you want to become more attractive to women, then you MUST do your best to work on all these areas of your life.

I challenge you to take each trait and rate yourself on how well you fit this description. Then discipline yourself to improve on EACH of these character traits that women want. I guarantee the more you work on yourself, then more you will naturally attract women.

Never Fear Failure
"Oh my God, I can't just walk up and talk to her. What if I fail?"

This is a TOO common statement I hear from guys. Many men are afraid to simply approach a woman and initiate a conversation. They are showing their fear because of one thing: FAILURE.

The fear of rejection is an incredible powerful emotion. It can prevent you from taking that first step towards attracting a woman. One of the more common reasons for this anxiety is worrying that women will mock or ridicule you in some way. While this might happen, it is better to face this fear than run away from it.

If you allow fear to control your actions, you will miss out on many opportunities to talk to women. Now I know anxiety is a commonplace thing, but you should NEVER allow it to dictate what you can or cannot do. Instead of letting it control your actions, you should learn to embrace your failures. And here's the reason why…

A great comparison for what women want while adult dating adult dating is comparing it to baseball. In this sport, a guy is a "Hall of Fame Player" if he gets a hit 3 or 4 times for every 10 at bats. You should follow this same philosophy when you are talking to a woman. Just understand that failure is part of the whole process. Even the guys with the BEST approach techniques will meet a woman who won't be interested in them.

It is important to remember that failure is viewed as a positive not a negative. You should learn to use it as a learning experience and use this opportunity to increase your overall "adult dating skill set". So the next time you "strike out" with a woman do not be frustrated. Just analyze the interaction and ask yourself:

• Did I talk to fast/slow/loud?
• Did I demonstrate higher status?
• Was she available or does she have a boyfriend?
• Did I successfully create a dynamic conversation?
• Was I funny, charming and confident?

When evaluate your *performance*, you can learn a lot from your mistakes. Then you can apply them when you next talk to a woman. When you eliminate your fear of failure with women and understand that it is a GOOD thing, then you will start being the man that women want and you will see a dramatic increase in your dating success.



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