How to overcome fear of rejection and approach anxiety when approaching women to eliminate adult dating anxiety with women.

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Overcoming Fear of Rejection from Women
by Eliminating Your Approach Anxiety

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Approaching women is easy when you eliminate your fear of rejection and approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety happens to the best of us! We have all had that terrifying fear of walking up to women and initiating a conversation.

The truth is these anxious feelings can be traced back to early human development. Back then, there was REAL danger in approaching women. If you talked to a female who was attached to another man, you could get smacked over the head with a club.

As you can see, approach anxiety is a NORMAL feeling that we all get. But should you let it control you? The obvious answer is NO!

Although approach anxiety is commonplace, you should NEVER let it control you. Remember that we have all been at this point in our lives. The best “Pick Up Artists” in the world are the guys who overcame these feelings.

Now if you want to overcome your own anxious feelings, then you should follow the same technique I used to move beyond approach anxiety

Talk to every woman you encounter!

Many guys make the mistake of ONLY approaching women during a specific time during the week. Then they build up a LOT of anxious feelings about initiating conversations with women.
The solution to this problem is easy. Instead of only approaching a girl during your trips to bar or club, you should initiate conversations with the women you encounter throughout the day.

The beauty of this technique is you do NOT have to worry about trying to "pick up" these women. Instead, you are using opportunities to PRACTICE your conversation skills and reduce nervousness. The point I am trying to make is you can quickly ELIMINATE your approach anxiety if talking to women becomes second nature.

To get started, all you have to do is initiate conversations with the women you encounter throughout the day. For instance, here are some girls you can talk to:
• Checkout girls at stores
• Women who sit near you in class
• Any girl who helps you in clothing stores
• Females who work with you
• Women that you encounter on trains and subways
• Any girl waiting on the line with you

Remember that you DO NOT have to use a smooth opener or conversation starter. Just start talking to them in a normal manner. Approach anxiety is something that all men have at some point in their lives. But you should NEVER let it control you. If you make it a habit to talk to women EVERYWHERE you go, it will become second nature.

Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

One major obstacle to your success with women comes down to your ability to handle rejection. The simple truth is many guys have built up a MAJOR fear of rejection. If you have this phobia, then you are severely decreasing your chances at meeting and attracting the kind of women you want.

Now there is a way to quickly overcome this fear. All you have to do is implement a trick my friend John taught me called "Going Kamikaze". The technique is simple. Every time you see an interesting woman, you approach WITHOUT hesitation.

To be honest, I do not always agree with some of John's routines, but there is something to be learned about initiating conversations without thinking about it. He succeeds with a lot of women simply because he has no fear of rejection. While John knows he MIGHT get rejected, he's able to remove all negative thoughts from his head and focus on the moment.

He is able to overcome HIS fear of rejection because he acts on instinct rather then dwell on what could go wrong. However, what he does is NOT for the weak of heart. If you are uncomfortable with talking to ANY girl, then you need to take drastic measures to get over your feelings of possible rejection.

It is more important to think about the present moment rather then any negative thoughts that you might have. All you need to do is focus on enjoying the conversation and having fun with the girl, rather then "trying to score".

Instead of letting your fears control you, try to reprogram yourself to approach without hesitation. So if you see an interesting woman, approach her with the SOLE intention of just striking up a conversation. Tell yourself that you are JUST having a conversation and it becomes easier to eliminate your fears.

What is funny is when you approach many women you will discover it is not as bad as you think. After awhile your fears will slowly diminish. In addition, your overall success will increase. If you follow my advice and learn how to approach women without thinking about it first, you will discover that overcoming your fear of rejection from women is easier than you think.



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