Improve your self confidence for picking up and having sex with a hot women or many hot women by being relaxed with women and showing self confidence.

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How to Improve Your Self Confidence and
Have Sex with More Hot Women More Often

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Self confidence is a must for picking up hot women and having sex.

If you have ever tried to attract a hot woman, then you know your success depends on your self confidence. The more self confidence you have, the better off you will be!

Look at these hot women in the picture, they want you and they could be all yours - But only if you have the self confidence to approach them.

So you want them, right?

What should you do if you lack self confidence around women? Well here are a few tips you can use to raise your self-esteem:


1) Learn to Relax

Before approaching women, put yourself in a relaxed state by paying attention to your posture and body. Then concentrate on a positive outcome from the conversation with the hot women you are about to have. If you can remove all expectations, you will become more relaxed around women. So remind yourself that any negative outcome with a hot woman will not affect your life.

2) Try Meditation and Exercising

There are certain activities (meditation, yoga, and tai-chi) which will make you more relaxed to talk to hot women. By practicing these exercises, you will be able to put yourself into a positive state whenever you need it, including the times when you are trying to pick up women. So if you are serious about building self confidence, try one of these activities.

3) Use your Strengths

One quick way to build self confidence for picking up a hot woman is to write down all of the qualities that make you a great person. Then whenever you are faced with a situation where you are not feeling confident while picking up women, just recite the affirmations about your positive qualities. By mentally reviewing your strengths with hot women, you will be able to quickly ramp up your levels of confidence for picking up women.

4) Be Positive At All Times

It is widely known that guys who smile and have a positive outlook tend to attract more hot women. So no matter what you are feeling inside, ALWAYS have a upbeat attitude and do your best to be a guy who hot women enjoy being around. What is funny is even when you *fake* a confident personality, you will eventually develop this personality trait!



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